Menu de l’été

I’ve always wanted to throw a fancy six course dinner party… One where you end up sitting around the table all night as each course is served. Last week Ed and I decided we would throw such a party over the upcoming weekend. As I was working the three days prior to the party I needed a relatively easy menu.



I also wanted a fresh and summery menu since it’s so hot outside! I came up with the following menu which was just right. The dishes were fresh tasting and fast to prepare. Portion sizes were manageable. Plus, everything looked impressive!

Menu de l’été
Summer Menu

Brochettes de salade
Salad kebabs

Gazpacho et crevettes
Gazpacho & shrimp

Thon et bok choy grillé à la japon
Japanese-style grilled tuna & bok-choy

Salade de patates douces
Sweet potato salad

Sélection de fromages
Cheese plate


I accidentally only took pictures of two of the courses… but eventually the whole menu (including recipes) will be posted. Saturday morning we did all the grocery shopping, Saturday afternoon was 2-3 hrs of prep, then the dinner Saturday night. So, if you’ve always wanted to throw a fancy dinner party but are intimidated or short on time I’d highly recommend this menu.


ps- I can’t believe there was a typo on the menu (grrr Pinot Noir)! Oops. Luckily, no one seemed to notice (fixed)

4 comments on “Menu de l’été

  1. Only two pictures? Every day should be a nice long meal to enjoy, or at least we like to do that. Nice site, but to get rid of your Kitchen Aid? How do you bake? Of course I need a bigger one, hopefully one day I can get it. I keep overflowing the bowl on mine. Hahaha! Hope all is well with you all. Cheers!

    Mike the cousin in limbo currently

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  3. Yep, got rid of the Kitchen Aid a few years ago and haven’t missed it! I’m the black sheep of the family and don’t do much baking 🙂 Nice to hear from you. Keep in touch.

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