Naturally, cooksimple.com contains recipes that fit in with my lifestyle. I love to cook but on a daily basis don’t like to spend more than 30 minutes (okay, really an hour) doing so. I love veggies, tofu, beans and grains! I don’t usually eat processed foods, excess sugar or much meat.

I started cooksimple.com in 2003 as I was about to head to culinary school. I was at culinary school for a full 3 days and then decided I just couldn’t part with the money it was going to cost. I continued on with cooksimple making it a cooking resource for others. Grad school, a new job and a move put cooksimple on hold for two years… This is my resurrection of the original site – plus I’ll be adding more recipes, articles and resource links.


Ed will be adding his no-nonsense recipes to the site. While Carrie seems to think he’s more strict on the 30 minute rule (actually Carrie’s 30 minutes is frequently an hour), he really prefers to shorter time-frame because he’s always got three projects going on simultaneously.

When he manages to pry himself away from work, however, he does love finding new recipes and tweaking them slightly to his taste. Regardless of the situation, anything that requires more than three pots / skillets is generally out of the question.

Wanting to start maintaining his favorite recipes somewhere with easy remote access, cooksimple seemed like the perfect solution to also share with others. He’s also hoping his mom will start passing down some of the good old Colombian and Venezuelan recipes he grew up with so he can try them with less meat (or meat-free, even). Then again, we’re talking Latin food here so that might just be a little far-fetched.


If a recipe doesn’t have garlic, butter, or white wine in it, it better be dessert or I’m not cooking it. Seriously, most of my recipes have one or all of those ingredients. Start with that and you can’t possibly go wrong!

I started eating free-range meat about 10 years ago when it wasn’t yet fashionable. Most stores, much less restaurants, didn’t carry it. So if I wanted fried chicken, I’d have to make it myself. I would throw parties just as an excuse to make tons of free-range deviled eggs and mini quiches.  As a result I’ve found that making things from scratch can be easy and fun, once you know some of the time saving tricks.

To me, food isn’t just something we eat. What we eat is intimately tied to the environment and society. Free-range was my first dive into eating conscientiously. What’s next? Local – more energy efficient. Bulk – less packaging. Who knows!

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